Choreographic Statement: “In The Eye of the Storm” (2017)

“In The Eye of the Storm”

Choreographer – Halifu Osumare
Assistant to Choreographer – Ayo Walker
Music – Delasi Nunana, Abbilona & Tambor Yoruba, Kathy Raimey, Kem
Dancers – Oya – Ayo Walker
The Community – Lance Casey, Miguel Forbes, Brianna James,   Windy Kahana, Leanne Ruiz, Christopher Salango, Nimat Laila Shabazz

We are in the eye of a national and international storm, and the crisis can only be survived in community with others. The forces causing the storm are external and internal to the community, and survival means growing spiritually. Oya is the Yoruba warrior deity of the Winds of Change, and with her husband Shango she promotes social justice. Oya brings the storm but also shows the community the way out, and as a result people grow. This dance is dedicated to Oya-Yansa.

Performance – Pushfest 10/22/17
Videography – Loren Robertson Productions –


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